Pennies From Heaven


General information

Sample : Yes

Director : Norman Z. McLeod

Release date (New York) : 1936

Order Title Begin Timecode Ending Timecode Length Performers
1 Opening Titles image du number 0h0m2s 0h1m25s 1m23s NA
2 So Do I image du number 0h7m45s 0h10m0s 2m15s Bing Crosby, Edith Fellows
3 Old MacDonald Had a Farm image du number 0h16m54s 0h18m0s 1m6s Bing Crosby, Donald Meek, Edith Fellows
4 Pennies From Heaven image du number 0h24m25s 0h27m35s 3m10s Bing Crosby
5 Skeletons in the Closet image du number 0h41m31s 0h46m3s 4m32s Louis Armstrong
6 Let's Call a Heart a Heart image du number 0h46m33s 0h48m43s 2m10s Bing Crosby
7 Orphanage Carnival/One Two Button Your Shoe image du number 1h5m44s 1h8m38s 2m54s Bing Crosby
8 So Do I (2) image du number 1h14m7s 1h15m34s 1m27s Bing Crosby
9 One Two Button Your Shoe (2) image du number 1h19m17s 1h20m41s 1m24s Bing Crosby

Number's distribution


20 min

Sum of all numbers

81 min

Movie Length

1221 s

Sum of all numbers

4860 sec

Movie Length


Ratio number/total length

136 sec

Average number length for Pennies From Heaven

162 sec

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