The Big Broadcast of 1938


General information

Sample : Yes

Studio : Paramount

Release date (New York) : 1938

Order Title Begin Timecode Ending Timecode Length Performers
1 Opening Credits image du number 0h0m40s 0h1m43s 1m3s
2 This little ripple had rhythm image du number 0h19m27s 0h22m46s 3m19s Shep Fields
3 Don' tell a secret to a rose image du number 0h31m5s 0h32m57s 1m52s Tito Guizar
4 Noche de ronda image du number 0h33m28s 0h35m13s 1m45s Tito Guizar
5 You took the words right out of my heart image du number 0h38m8s 0h39m33s 1m25s Dorothy Lamour
6 Brunnhilde's Battle Cry image du number 0h41m35s 0h44m14s 2m39s Kirsten Flagstad
7 Dixie image du number 0h53m28s 0h53m50s 0m22s Patricia Wilder
8 You took the words right out of my heart (2) image du number 0h55m22s 0h56m26s 1m4s Dorothy Lamour
9 Thanks for the memory image du number 1h1m22s 1h5m27s 4m5s Bob Hope, Shirley Ross
10 Mama, that moon is here again image du number 1h12m26s 1h16m15s 3m49s Martha Raye
11 The waltz lives on image du number 1h20m22s 1h27m48s 7m26s Martha Raye, Bob Hope, Shirley Ross

Number's distribution


29 min

Sum of all numbers

91 min

Movie Length

1729 s

Sum of all numbers

5460 sec

Movie Length


Ratio number/total length

157 sec

Average number length for The Big Broadcast of 1938

162 sec

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Color Cast
All Black cast
All White cast
All Latin cast
Mixed Race cast
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PCA verdict on the first submitted script Censored content States where the film was censored
acceptable dialogue, lyrics-unsignificant, narrative-major problem, dance Quebec, New Zealand, Ontario, South Africa
Legion of Decency Protestant Motion Picture Council Harrison's Report Film Estimate Board of National Organizations
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