Romance on the High Seas


General information

Sample : Yes

Studio : Warner Bros.

Director : Michael Curtiz, Busby Berkeley

Release date (New York) : 1948

Order Title Begin Timecode Ending Timecode Length Performers
1 Opening credits image du number 0h0m0s 0h1m16s 1m16s
2 I'm in Love image du number 0h13m32s 0h15m25s 1m53s Doris Day, Oscar Levant
3 It's You or No One image du number 0h34m4s 0h35m8s 1m4s Doris Day
4 The Tourist Trade image du number 0h37m5s 0h39m32s 2m27s Avon Long
5 It's Magic image du number 0h43m55s 0h46m23s 2m28s Doris Day
6 Put 'em in a Box, Tie 'em with a Ribbon and Throw 'em in the Deep Blue Sea image du number 0h55m29s 0h57m52s 2m23s Doris Day, Page Cavanaugh Trio
7 Brazilian Rhapsody image du number 0h59m43s 1h0m23s 0m40s Oscar Levant
8 It's You or No One (reprise) image du number 1h0m41s 1h2m9s 1m28s Doris Day
9 In Trinidad image du number 1h4m28s 1h4m43s 0m15s The Samba Kings
10 Run, Run, Run image du number 1h4m59s 1h6m41s 1m42s Jack Carson, The Samba Kings
11 Brazilian Rhapsody (reprise) image du number 1h17m58s 1h18m21s 0m23s Oscar Levant
12 It's Magic (reprise 1) image du number 1h18m55s 1h20m9s 1m14s Doris Day
13 It's Magic (reprise 2) image du number 1h35m41s 1h37m37s 1m56s Doris Day, Oscar Levant

Number's distribution


19 min

Sum of all numbers

99 min

Movie Length

1149 s

Sum of all numbers

5940 sec

Movie Length


Ratio number/total length

88 sec

Average number length for Romance on the High Seas

583 sec

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