A Star Is Born


General information

Sample : Yes

Studio : Warner Bros.

Director : George Cukor

Release date (New York) : 1954

Order Title Begin Timecode Ending Timecode Length Performers
1 Opening credits image du number 0h0m23s 0h2m21s 1m58s
2 Gotta Have Me Go With You image du number 0h10m29s 0h13m56s 3m27s Judy Garland, James Mason
3 The Man That Got Away image du number 0h20m33s 0h25m9s 4m36s Judy Garland
4 Born in a Trunk (medley) image du number 1h5m42s 1h19m50s 14m8s Judy Garland
5 Here's What I'm Here For image du number 1h24m40s 1h26m49s 2m9s Judy Garland
6 It's A New World (1) image du number 1h36m38s 1h38m57s 2m19s Judy Garland
7 Someone at Last image du number 1h49m21s 1h55m46s 6m25s Judy Garland
8 Lose That Long Face image du number 2h4m33s 2h8m16s 3m43s Judy Garland
9 It's A New World (2) image du number 2h35m47s 2h37m34s 1m47s Judy Garland
10 It's a New World (3) / Ending credits image du number 2h47m11s 2h47m58s 0m47s

Number's distribution


41 min

Sum of all numbers

168 min

Movie Length

2479 s

Sum of all numbers

10080 sec

Movie Length


Ratio number/total length

248 sec

Average number length for A Star Is Born

162 sec

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Color Cast
All Black cast
All White cast
All Latin cast
Mixed Race cast
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Graphe/ Timeline


Adaptation Shows Remake
adapted from a non musical material Yes No


PCA verdict on the first submitted script Censored content States where the film was censored
basically acceptable with minor changes dialogue, narrative-minor problem, costumes-standard, narrative-major problem
Legion of Decency Protestant Motion Picture Council Harrison's Report Film Estimate Board of National Organizations
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