A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum


General information

Sample : Yes

Studio : United Artists ; Melvin Frank Production

Director : Richard Lester

Release date (New York) : 1966

Order Title Begin Timecode Ending Timecode Length Performers
1 Comedy Tonight image du number 0h0m20s 0h3m27s 3m7s Zero Mostel
2 Tintinabula Dance image du number 0h13m35s 0h14m20s 0m45s
3 Vibrata Dance image du number 0h14m36s 0h15m19s 0m43s
4 Gemini Dance image du number 0h15m39s 0h16m4s 0m25s
5 Panacea Dance image du number 0h16m20s 0h16m44s 0m24s
6 Lovely 1 image du number 0h22m15s 0h25m6s 2m51s Michael Crawford, Annette Andre
7 Everybody Ought to Have a Maid image du number 0h31m33s 0h34m23s 2m50s Phil Silvers, Zero Mostel, Michael Hordern, Jack Gilford
8 Bring Me My Bride image du number 0h48m45s 0h51m8s 2m23s Zero Mostel, Leon Greene
9 Lovely 2 image du number 1h6m14s 1h8m21s 2m7s Zero Mostel, Jack Gilford
10 The Dirge image du number 1h11m49s 1h16m16s 4m27s Leon Greene
11 Comedy Tonight 2 image du number 1h33m37s 1h37m3s 3m26s Buster Keaton, Phil Silvers, Zero Mostel, Michael Crawford, Annette Andre, Michael Hordern, Jack Gilford, Leon Greene, Patricia Jessel

Number's distribution


23 min

Sum of all numbers

99 min

Movie Length

1408 s

Sum of all numbers

5940 sec

Movie Length


Ratio number/total length

128 sec

Average number length for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

583 sec

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Color Cast
All Black cast
All White cast
All Latin cast
Mixed Race cast
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Graphe/ Timeline


Adaptation Shows Remake
adapted from a Broadway musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (08/05/1962) No


PCA verdict on the first submitted script Censored content States where the film was censored
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