If I Only Had a Heart

[The Wizard of Oz (1939)]


Begin timecode End timecode Begin Ending Completeness Completeness Options Structure Shots Average shot length
0h42m52s 0h45m30s during sequence during sequence complete, satisfying and uninterrupted DO NOT USE ANY MORE (ex "multiple occurrences") simple 9
Performance Performers Cast Stars who don't participate
song+dance Jack Haley Ray Bolger , Judy Garland


Spectators Diegetic performance ? Visible musicians
yes no no

Tone and topic

Tone Topic
comedy ; melancholic dream and fantasy ; lamento


Costumes Ethinc stereotypes Diegetic place General localisation Imaginary place Exoticism
no Oz abstract & undefined none not exotic


Choregraphers Dance Ensemble Dancing type (thesaurus) Dance subgenre Dance content
solo(s) other eccentric dance clumsy dancing


Song Music ensemble Dubbing Tempo Musical style Arrangers
If I Only Had a Heart solo(s) no


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