We Should Be Together

[Little Miss Broadway (1938)]


Begin timecode End timecode Begin Ending Completeness Completeness Options Structure Shots Average shot length
0h18m16s 0h20m44s during sequence during sequence complete, satisfying and uninterrupted anticipation simple 15
Performance Performers Cast Stars who don't participate
song+dance Shirley Temple , George Murphy


Spectators Diegetic performance ? Visible musicians
no no no

Tone and topic

Tone Topic
comedy childish and playful ; friendship


Costumes Ethinc stereotypes Diegetic place General localisation Imaginary place Exoticism
casual or neutral no New York private none not exotic


Choregraphers Dance Ensemble Dancing type (thesaurus) Dance subgenre Dance content
Nick Castle duet dance with children , tap dance


Song Music ensemble Dubbing Tempo Musical style Arrangers
We Should Be Together duet


Source Stagenumber Source details Quotation Quotation text