Composition Medley

[On Your Toes (1939)]


Begin timecode End timecode Begin Ending Completeness Completeness Options Structure Shots Average shot length
0h23m11s 0h25m18s during sequence during sequence incomplete & fragmentary (hardly a number) pause or interpolated dialogue medley-montage 22
Performance Performers Cast Stars who don't participate
instrumental Eddie Albert Leonid Kinskey


Spectators Diegetic performance ? Visible musicians
no rehearsal, casting, recording session, etc. some are present but more instruments are heard

Tone and topic

Tone Topic
comedy ; lyrical ; serious meta-show business montage


Costumes Ethinc stereotypes Diegetic place General localisation Imaginary place Exoticism
underwear & nightwear & interior , casual or neutral , dirty or rags Russian New York private , incongruous none russian


Choregraphers Dance Ensemble Dancing type (thesaurus) Dance subgenre Dance content


Song Music ensemble Dubbing Tempo Musical style Arrangers


Source Stagenumber Source details Quotation Quotation text
Adapted from a stage number of the same show