Oh, My Dear!

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
27/11/1918 6978 Original w 10/05/1919 189

Stage numbers

I Shall Be All Right Now Broadway Willie Burbank and Girls I Wonder Whether (I've Loved You All My Life) Bruce Allenby and Hilda Rockett Ask Dad Georgie Van Alstyne, Broadway Willie Burbank, Dr. Rockett, Pickles and Babe Our City of Dreams Hilda Rockett and Girls Come Where Nature Calls Mrs. Rockett, Bruce Allenby, Hilda Rockett, Dr. Rockett and Girls Phoebe Snow Jennie Wren and Girls Go, Little Boat (music by Jerome Kern) Hilda Rockett, Boys and Girls You Never Know Bruce Allenby, Hilda Rockett, Babe, Girls and Boys Try Again Bruce Allenby, Hilda Rockett and Jennie Wren It Sort of Makes a Fellow Stop and Think (music by Benjamin Hapgood Burt; lyrics by Roy Atwell) Broadway Willie Burbank Childhood Days Bruce Allenby, Dr. Rockett, Bagshott, Georgie Van Alstyne, Babe and Pickles Oh, My Dear I'd Ask No More Hilda Rockett, Jennie Wren and Boys If They Ever Parted Me from You Broadway Willie Burbank and Jennie Wren