The Midnight Girl

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
23/02/1914 6447 Original w 23/05/1914 104

Stage numbers

Decorations Ensemble Dolly Lucille Burglars Gustave Criquet I, Clarisse and Pierre Love and Victory Francois and Officers A Lesson in Love Francois and Lucille The Midnight Girl Helene and Nurses Come Back to the (Old) Cabaret Guiseppe, Helene and Nurses I've Waited Long for You, Dear Gustave Criquet I and Helene Ten O'Clock Gustave Criquet I, Helene, General Chambert, Dr. Benoit and Nurses When the Band Begins to Play Honeymoon Hall Guiseppe and Waiters Oh, Gustave Helene and Gustave Criquet I We Will Ramble Francois and Lucille The Midnight Girl Gustave Criquet I and Guests The Midnight Cabaret Helene and Ensemble On the Lonely Lagoon (music by Sigmund Romberg) Helene and Chorus Oh, You John (music by Sigmund Romberg) Lucille and Ensemble Good Night Love (music by Will R. Anderson; lyrics by Will R. Anderson) Gustave Criquet I