The Peasant Girl

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
02/03/1915 8155 Original w 05/06/1915 111

Stage numbers

Advice to the Young Countess Napolska, Jadwiga Pawlowa, Pan Jan Zaremba and Von Mirski Wanda Wanda Kwadinskaja and Chorus One and Only Bronio Von Popiel and Count Bolo Baranski The Best Waltz of All Wanda Kwadinskaja and Count Bolo Baranski Love Is the Reason Helena Love Is Like a Butterfly (music by Rudolf Friml) Bronio Von Popiel and Celeste On to Conquer Helena, Bronio Von Popiel, Count Bolo Baranski and Ensemble A Game of Cards Male Chorus Native Women Count Bolo Baranski and Male Chorus Childhood Lessons Helena and Bronio Von Popiel The Flame of Love (music by Rudolf Friml) Helena and Count Bolo Baranski The Heart of the Rose (music by Rudolf Friml) Helena The Gypsy Celeste and Chorus Love's Awakening (music by Rudolf Friml and Oskar Nedbal) Helena, Count Bolo Baranski, Von Mirski, Wanda Kwadinskaja, Jadwiga Pawlowa, Pan Jan Zaremba and Chorus Prosperity Ensemble After the Rain-Sunshine (music by Rudolf Friml) Helena Mary Had a Lamb (music by Clifton Crawford; lyrics by Clifton Crawford) Bronio Von Popiel, Celeste and Chorus