Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
23/12/1915 8243 Original w 01/07/1916 220

Stage numbers

In Vienna Ivan Dimitri and Chorus One Who Will Understand Katinka and Chorus Katinka Ivan Dimitri, Boris Strogoff and Male Chorus In a Hurry Thaddeus Hopper and Chorus 'Tis The End Ivan Dimitri and Katinka Stamboul Olga Nashan and Chorus Hidden Charms Olga Nashan and Chorus Your Photo Mrs. Helen Hopper and Boys Allah's Holiday Olga Nashan and Chorus The Weekly Wedding Mrs. Helen Hopper and Thaddeus Hopper I Want All the World to Know Ivan Dimitri Rackety Coo! Katinka and Ivan Dimitri The Walking Music Store Halif Mignonette Bell Boy and Russian Dancer I Want to Marry a Male Quartette Mrs. Helen Hopper and Boys Skidiskiscatch Thaddeus Hopper, Katinka, Ivan Dimitri, Herr Kopf, Arif Bey and Olga Nashan I Can Tell By the Way You Dance, Dear Mrs. Helen Hopper and Girls