Flora Bella

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
11/09/1916 8437 Original w 16/12/1916 112

Stage numbers

Procession of Peasants Chorus Good-Day, Good-Night Countess Ola Drubetzkoy and Baron Tigo Oblonsky Blossom of My Own Princess Manja Demidoff and Chorus It Is Very Hard to Bring Up Father Princess Manja Demidoff and Male Chorus Young Men Take a Tip from Me Prince Nicholas Demidoff Cat and Mouse Countess Ola Drubetzkoy and Prince Nicholas Demidoff Love Is a Dance Princess Manja Demidoff On to Petrograd Princess Manja Demidoff, Countess Ola Drubetzkoy, Prince Nicholas Demidoff, Baron Tigo Oblonsky and Count Sergiey Weronzeff Hail to the Golden Calf Rosset and Chorus We'll Dance Till Dawn of Day Madame Vera Ludoffska Flora Bella (lyrics by Earl Carroll) Princess Manja Demidoff and Chorus You're the Girl (lyrics by Victor Schertzinger) Prince Nicholas Demidoff and Girls Give Me All of You (lyrics by Earl Carroll) Princess Manja Demidoff and Prince Nicholas Demidoff Adam Prince Nicholas Demidoff, Count Sergiey Weronzeff, Rosset and Baron Tigo Oblonsky Hypnotizing Princess Manja Demidoff and Baron Tigo Oblonsky Creep, Creep, the World's Asleep (lyrics by Victor Schertzinger) Madame Vera Ludoffska, Count Sergiey Weronzeff, Baron Tigo Oblonsky, Countess Ola Drubetzkoy, Rosset and Chorus