Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
16/08/1917 7850 Original w 19/10/1918 492

Stage numbers

In Our Little Home, Sweet Home Ottillie and Richard Wayne It's a Windy Day at the Battery Matthew Van Zandt, Alice Tremaine and Girls Gypsy Song Rudolfo Will You Remember (Sweetheart)? Ottillie and Richard Wayne Jump Jim Crow Matthew Van Zandt and Chorus The Road to Paradise Ottillie Van Zandt and Matthew Van Zandt Spanish Dance Estrella Amorita Will You Remember (Sweetheart)? (Reprise) Signor Vivalla Odd Lots, Job Lots Ensemble Reminiscence Little Dick Wayne Selling Gowns (lyrics by Cyrus Wood) Ottillie Van Zandt and Girls Dancing Will Keep You Young (lyrics by Cyrus Wood) Ermintrude D'Albert and Matthew Van Zandt Only One Girl for Me Dicky Wayne and Girls Will You Remember (Sweetheart)? (Reprise) Ottillie Van Zandt and Dicky Wayne