Nothing But Love

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
14/10/1919 6711 Original w 06/12/1919 64

Stage numbers

Dawn Wonderful Man Mrs. Maud Winchester, Drake and Girls I'll Remember You June Marbury Beware Allyn Hicks and Girls When I Walk Out with You Lucy Cotton and Teddy Winchester Ask the Stars Allyn Hicks, June Marbury and Girls When I Walk Out with You (Reprise) June Marbury Stop Waltz Stacey Adams, Mignon, Billy Marbury, Lucy Cotton, Teddy Winchester and Girls It's Not What You Say Allyn Hicks, Teddy Winchester, Brooks, Commodore Marbury, Doctor Tibbetts and Drake Some Other Time June Marbury and Stacey Adams Ask the Stars (Reprise) June Marbury and Allyn Hicks Moonbeams June Marbury and Girls At the Shore Allyn Hicks and Girls