The Blushing Bride

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
04/02/1922 12760 Original w 10/06/1922 144

Stage numbers

Love's Highway Alfred and Rose I'll Bet on Anything But Girls Coley Collins and Girls A Regular Girl Lulu Love The Tick, Tick, Tick of the Ticker Alfred, Paul Kominski, Justine, Lorraine, Specialty Entertainers and Ensemble Good-bye Lulu Love and Coley Collins Cazazza Coley Collins, Paul Kominski and Ensemble Mr. and Mrs. Lulu Love, Coley Collins and Ensemble The Silver Wedding Christopher Pottinger, Mrs. Pottinger, Doris Mayne, Rose, Alfred, Paul Kominski, Justine, Lorraine and Judge Redwood Bad Little Boy and Good Little Girl Lulu Love and Coley Collins That's the Way It Goes Paul Kominski, Justine, Lorraine, Cigarette Girl and Flower Girl Rosy Posy Rose, Alfred, Specialty Entertainers and Chorus Springtime Coley Collins, Doris Mayne, Lulu Love and Paul Kominski Patter Coley Collins Different Days Coley Collins, Lulu Love, Christopher Pottinger, Mrs. Pottinger, Judge Redwood and Paul Kominski