Betty Lee

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
25/12/1924 9369 Original w 21/03/1925 98

Stage numbers

Along the Rio Grande Quintette, Maridetta and Carara Little Pony of Mine Jeanne Chapin and Girls Betty Lee Wallingford Speed, Betty Lee, Cowboys and Ensemble Sweet Cactus Rose Maridetta and Lawrence Glass Athletic Boy Betty Lee, Jeanne Chapin, Berkley Fresno and Ensemble Monterey Mrs. Lila Keep and Girls The Daily Dozen Betty Lee, Wallingford Speed and Ensemble They Always Run a Little Faster Lawrence Glass and Cowboys Sweet Arabian Dreams (Arabian Dream) Betty Lee and Wallingford Speed Sweet Cactus Rose (Reprise) Maridetta and Lawrence Glass Give Him Your Sympathy Mrs. Lila Keep, Wallingford Speed, Lawrence Glass, Berkley Fresno and Ensemble Baby, Be Good Jeanne Chapin and Ensemble Pony Boy Betty Lee Quintette Apache Argentine Conchita and Chico I'm Going to Dance at Your Wedding Betty Lee, Wallingford Speed, Berkley Fresno and Girls Just Lean on Me Jeanne Chapin and Culver Covington Cheer, Girls, Cheer Betty Lee and Ensemble