Broadway Nights

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
15/07/1929 10912 Original w 17/08/1929 40

Stage numbers

Why Don't We? Flo DeForrest and Joe White Stranded in a One-Horse Town Stage Manager, Joe White and Flo DeForrest Hotsy Totsy Hats Duckey Stevens, Boots McAllister and Ensemble The Right Man Wilbur Scrump and Marian Lavarre White Lights Were Coming Duckey Stevens, Boots McAllister, Joe White, Flo DeForrest and Ensemble Mile's End Road Alan K. Foster's Palladium Girls Violin Solo Marian Lavarre, Hale Girls and Models Heart of a Rose (from GAY PAREE, 1926)(music by J. Fred Coots and Maury Rubens; lyrics by Clifford Grey) Singer and Ensemble Arabian Nights Singers, Slave Girls, Attendants and The Sultan's Dancers Toe Dance Hale Girls I Kiss Your Hand, Madam (music by Ralph Erwin; lyrics by Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young) Marian Lavarre Lobster Crawl Flo DeForrest, Chester Hale Troupe and Alan K. Foster Girls Chain Dance Three Baggage Men Bracelet Number Flo DeForrest Baby's Doll (music by Maury Rubens and Phil Svigals; lyrics by J. Keirn Brennan and Moe Jaffe) Elvira Snodgrass, Duckey Stevens and Hale Girls The Orchid Marian Lavarre and Ensemble Come Hit Your Baby Flo DeForrest, Boots McAllister, Elvira Snodgrass and Ensemble Broadway Nights from the Roof Garden Flo DeForrest and Entire Company