A Little Racketeer

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
18/01/1932 7892 Original w 27/02/1932 48

Stage numbers

Night Club Nights Entire Ensemble Thanks to You (music by Berenece Kazounoff; lyrics by Earle Crooker) Donnie Parker and Alberta Lawrence Dou Dou Dick Barrison and Frank Leave Blow, Gabriel Ethel Pierson and Ensemble Mr. Moon (music by Lee Wainer; lyrics by Lupin Fein and Moe Jaffe) Dick Barrison and Ethel Pierson When That Band Plays Dixie and Albertina Rasch Dancers Southern Belles (music by Dmitri Tiomkin) Throwing a Party Jay Slump and Girls You and I Could Be Just Like That Dixie and Dick Barrison Ballyhoo (music by Dmitri Tiomkin) Donnie Parker, Alberta Lawrence, Albertina Rasch Dancers and Ensemble Danger If I Love You Dixie and Dick Barrison I Have a Run in My Stocking Dixie and Albertina Rasch Dancers You've Got to Sell Yourself Donnie Parker and Entire Ensemble Spring Tra La (music by Lee Wainer; lyrics by Lupin Fein and Moe Jaffe) Jay Slump and Mrs. Amanda Snook What Great Big Eyes You Have Frank Leave, Dancing Girls and Boys Starry Sky (music by Dmitri Tiomkin) Dick Barrison and Albertina Rasch Dancers Srimpi Yo Hay Tong and The Ghost Priest