The Swing Mikado

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
01/03/1939 12463 Original b 20/05/1939 86

Stage numbers

A Wandering Minstrel Nanki-Poo and Male Chorus Our Great Mikado Pish-Tush and Male Chorus Young Man Despair Pooh-Bah, Pish-Tush and Nanki-Poo Behold the Lord High Executioner Ko-Ko and Male Chorus I've Got a Little List Ko-Ko and Male Chorus Three Little Maids from School Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, Peep-Bo and Girls Chorus So Pardon Us Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, Peep-Bo, Pooh-Bah, Pish-Tush and Girls Chorus Were You Not to Ko-Ko Plighted Yum-Yum and Nanki-Poo I Am So Proud Ko-Ko, Pooh-Bah and Pish-Tush Braid the Raven Hair Pitti-Sing and Girls Chorus Moon Song (The Moon and I) Yum-Yum and Quintet Madrigal Yum-Yum, Pitti-Sing, Nanki-Poo and Pish-Tush Here's a How-de-do Yum-Yum, Nanki-Poo and Ko-Ko The Mikado Katisha and The Mikado I'm the Emperor of Japan The Mikado and Chorus The Criminal Cried Ko-Ko, Pitti-Sing and Pooh-Bah A Is Happy The Mikado, Pooh-Bah, Pitti-Sing, Ko-Ko and Katisha Flowers That Bloom in the Spring Pitti-Sing, Ko-Ko, Katisha, Pooh-Bah, Nanki-Poo, Dancers and Quintet Titwillow Ko-Ko There Is Beauty in the Bellows of the Blast Katisha and Ko-Ko