La Vie Parisienne

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
05/11/1941 419084 Original w 11/11/1941 7

Stage numbers

Porter! Yes,sir! Porter! Here,sir! Chorus Porter! Yes,sir! Porter! Here,sir! (Reprise) Baron Bobinet, Comte Raoul de Gardefu, Metella, Gontran and Chorus But Why? Wait a Moment please Metella Fighting with you on any ground Baron Bobinet and Comte Raoul de Gardefu But for women my life would be sweeter than honey Jackson and Chorus All her monuments and treasures Comte Raoul de Gardefu, Mr. Hutchinson and Evelyn From the train, with its visitors Comte Raoul de Gardefu and Chorus Do you come from America? Jackson and Gabrielle The Heart of Every Girl Evelyn Then you are sure you'll play the game Comte Raoul de Gardefu, Jackson, Gabrielle and Tradespeople My dear do you remember Metella Here we come! Our thirst is Pernicious Comte Raoul de Gardefu, Gabrielle, Mr. Hutchinson and Tradespeople A dreaming world is waiting Baron Bobinet She sallies out, she runs about Gabrielle, Mr. Hutchinson and Girls To the ladies of Paree Mr. Hutchinson Oh, his coat! The back is torn in two Metella, Jackson, Mr. Hutchinson, Gabrielle, Baron Bobinet and Chorus Hurrah! Hurrah! Gabrielle, Mr. Hutchinson, Metella, Baron Bobinet and Chorus Oh you were a picture of loveliness Comte Raoul de Gardefu My dear-let me explain! Evelyn and Comte Raoul de Gardefu I am mellow Entire Company You have seen la vie, la vie Parisienne Metella