The Lady Comes Across

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
09/01/1942 1157 Original w 10/01/1942 3

Stage numbers

Three Rousing Cheers Souvenir Hunterse, Autograph Seekers, and Reporter Feeling Lucky Today Jill Charters and Otis Kibber Modes in Manhattan Models and Photographers You Took My By Surprise Jill Charters, Tony Patterson and 4 Shoppers Hit the Ramp Babs Appleway, Ernie Bustard and Ensemble February (music by Lester Lee, Jerry Seelen and Dan Shapiro; lyrics by Lester Lee, Jerry Seelen Otis Kibber Eenie Meenie Minee Mo Ernie Bustard, Babs Appleway, Otis Kibber and Mrs. Riverdale Tango Ernie Bustard, Ballerina Comique and Ensemble Tango (Reprise) Jill Charters, Otis Kibber, Ernie Bustard and Ensemble Lady Tony Patterson, the Models, Campbell, Kay and Ensemble The Queen of the Opera Mrs. Riverdale Coney Island Ballet Ballerina Comique, Ballerina and The Phantom Lover This Is Where I Came In Babs Appleway, Campbell and Kay You Can't Get the Merchandise (music by Dan Shapiro and Lester Lee; lyrics by Dan Shapiro and Lester Lee) Otis Kibber Summer Is a Comin' In 4 Shoppers and Ensemble Daybreak Jill Charters and The Phantom Lover