Follow the Girls

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
08/04/1944 1410 Original w 18/05/1946 888

Stage numbers

At the Spotlight Canteen Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines Where You Are Bob Monroe and Anna Viskinova You Don't Dance Peggy Baker, Sailor Val, Boys and Girls Strip Flips Hip Bubbles LaMarr and Boys Thanks for a Lousy Evening Spud Doolittle, Peggy Baker and Dinky Riley You're Perf Bubbles LaMarr, Goofy Gale, Boys and Girls Twelve O'Clock and All Is Well Bubbles LaMarr Out for No Good Dinky Riley You Don't Dance (Reprise) Boys and Girls Where You Are (Reprise) Bob Monroe and Anna Viskinova Follow the Girls Bubbles LaMarr and Entire Company John Paul Jones Bob Monroe, Boys and Girls Where You Are (Reprise) Bubbles LaMarr and Anna Viskinova I Wanna Get Married Bubbles LaMarr and Bridesmaids Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow Bob Monroe and Marines You're Perf (Reprise) Boys and Girls A Tree That Grows in Brooklyn Bubbles LaMarr, Goofy Gale, Spud Doolittle and Dinky Riley