Knickerbocker Holiday

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
19/10/1938 11587 Original w 11/03/1939 168

Stage numbers

Clackety-Clack Washington Irving and Girls It's a Law Tienhoven and Council There's Nowhere to Go But Up Brom Broeck, Tenpin and Ensemble It Never Was You Brom Broeck and Tina Tienhoven How Can You Tell an American? Brom Broeck and Washington Irving Will You Remember Me? Brom Broeck, Tina Tienhoven and Ensemble One Touch of Alchemy Pieter Stuyvesant and Ensemble The One Indispensable Man Pieter Stuyvesant and Tienhoven Young People Think About Love Tienhoven, Brom Broeck and Ensemble September Song Pieter Stuyvesant Ballad of the Robbers Washington Irving We Are Cut in Twain Brom Broeck and Tina Tienhoven There's Nowhere to Go But Up (Reprise) Washington Irving To War! Pieter Stuyvesant, Council and Male Ensemble Our Ancient Liberties Tienhoven, Anthony Corlear and Council Romance and Musketeer Ensemble The Scars Pieter Stuyvesant and Ensemble Dirge for a Soldier Ensemble Ve Vouldn't Gonto Do It Ensemble