Beat the Band

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
14/10/1942 1229 Original w 12/12/1942 67

Stage numbers

Down Through the Agents Buster da Costa, Wiman Girls, Cole Porter Girls, Script Girls, Bistro Girls, Ballet Boys, Male Quartet and Saroyan Boy Free, Cute and Size Fourteen Hugo Dillingham and Princess Song of Two Islands Querida Keep It Casual Damon Dillingham and Querida Proud of You Damon Dillingham Break It Up Buster da Costa and Damon Dillingham's Band Let's Comb Beaches Damon Dillingham and Querida America Loves a Band Querida, Damon Dillingham, Princess, Buster da Costa, Mamita, Hugo Dillingham, Ensemble and Damon Dillingham's Band The Afternoon of a Phoney Buster da Costa and Clients Men Mamita and Querida (The) Steam Is On the Beam Princess, Band Girl, Damon Dillingham, Buster da Costa, Drummer, Trumpet Player, Dancers, Damon Dillingham's Band and Ensemble I'm Physical, You're Cultured Hugo Dillingham and Willow Willoughby Every Other Heartbeat Querida, Damon Dillingham, Drummer and Singing Girls The Four Freedoms-Calypso Mamita, Damon Dillingham, Hugo Dillingham, Buster da Costa and Entire Company