My Dear Public

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
09/09/1943 1331 Original w 16/10/1943 45

Stage numbers

Feet on the Sidewalk Tapps, Jean, The Harmoneers, Boys and Girls My Dear Public Gordon, Lulu, Gus Wagner, Ensemble, Boys, Girls and The Harmoneers Last Will and Testament Byron Burns Little Gamins Daphne Drew and Ensemble (This Is) Our Private Love Song Byron Burns and Jean My Spies Tell Me Walters, Lulu and The Crandall Sisters Color Line (There Ain't No Color Line Around the Rainbow) Rose Brown If You Want a Deal With Russia Barney Short May All Our Children Have Rhythm Tapps, Jean, The Crandall Sisters, The Harmoneers, Ensemble, Girls and Boys Pipes of Pan Americana Gordon, The Harmoneers, Ensemble, Boys and Girls Rhumba Jake Barney Short and Daphne Drew Lulu Walters and Lulu Love Is Such a Cheat (music by Gerald Marks, Irma Hollander and Irving Caesar; lyrics by Gerald Marks, Daphne Drew and The Harmoneers I Love to Sing the Words Jean, Tapps, Boys and Girls (This Is) Our Private Love Song (Reprise)