One Touch of Venus

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
07/10/1943 1341 Original w 10/02/1945 567

Stage numbers

New Art Is True Art Whitelaw Savory and Chorus One Touch of Venus Molly Grant and Girls How Much I Love You Rodney Hatch I'm a Stranger Here Myself Venus Forty Minutes for Lunch (Ballet) West Wind Whitelaw Savory Way Out West in Jersey Mrs. Kramer, Gloria Kramer and Rodney Hatch Foolish Heart Venus The Trouble with Women Rodney Hatch, Whitelaw Savory, Taxi Black and Stanley Speak Low Venus and Rodney Hatch Dr. Crippen Whitelaw Savory and Dancers Very, Very, Very Molly Grant Speak Low (Reprise) Rodney Hatch and Venus Catch Hatch Whitelaw Savory and Molly Grant That's Him Venus Wooden Wedding Rodney Hatch Venus in Ozone Heights (Ballet)