Love Life

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
07/10/1948 2027 Original w 14/05/1949 252

Stage numbers

Who Is Samuel Cooper? Mary Jo, George Hamilton Beacon, Jonathan Anderson, Charlie Hamilton, Hank and Women My Name is Samuel Cooper Sam Here I'll Stay Susan and Sam Progress The Go-Getters I Remember It Well Susan and Sam Green-Up Time Susan, Men and Women Green-Up Time (Dance) Punch and Dancers Economics Quartette Mother's Getting Nervous Three Tots My Kind of Night Sam Women's Club Blues Susan and Women Dance Dancers Love Song Hobo I'm Your Man Sam, Slade, Charlie Hamilton, George Hamilton Beacon and Leffcourt Ho, Bill O! Madigral Singers I Remember It Well (Reprise) Sam and Susan Is It Him or Is It Me Susan Punch and Judy Get a Divorce (Ballet) Dancers This Is the Life Sam Here I'll Stay (Reprise) Charlie Hamilton Minstrel Parade Minstrels Madame Zuzu Miss Horoscope and Miss Mysticism Taking No Chances Mr. Cynic Mr. Right Susan and Miss Ideal Man