Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
17/10/1960 2261 Original w 23/04/1961 216

Stage numbers

Bless This Land The Choir Little Old New York Nita, Gertie and Company Dr. Brock Reverend Brock Artificial Flowers Tommy What's In It For You? Reverend Brock and Tommy Reform Gertie and Singers Tommy, Tommy Laura Artificial Flowers (Reprise) Margie The Picture of Happiness Tommy Dance Gertie, Frye and Company Dear Friend Reverend Brock, Laura, Jessica and Dancer The Army of the Just Reverend Brock, Martin, Dancer and Singers How the Money Changes Hands Reverend Brock, Nita, Liz, Frye, Gertie and Company Good Clean Fun Reverend Brock and Company My Miss Mary Tommy, Laura and Singers My Gentle Young Johny Nita The Trial The Company The Tenderloin Celebratioin Frye, Gertie and Company Reform (Reprise) Gertie, Prostitute, Liz and Company Tommy, Tommy (Reprise) Laura Little Old New York (Reprise) The Company