Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
18/03/1966 3133 Original w 19/03/1966 3

Stage numbers

The Spider and the Fly Havana and Dance Ensemble Rules and Regulations Professor George Ritter, John Harmon, Sourball, Bill, Arthur Owen, Jr. and Harry Follow Me Up the Stairs Solange Goodbye Charlie Havana and Ensemble C'est Comme Ca Solange Thank You, Ma'am Professor George Ritter and Solange The Eleventh Commandment Monty, Sourball, Arthur Owen, Jr. and Harry Someone to Care For Professor George Ritter The Wedding Ensemble Let's (Rehearsal Scene) Danny, Louise and Dance Ensemble The Good Old Days Solange, Paul, Monty, Artie and Maurice Easy to Take Danny and Solange C'est Comme Ca (Reprise) Professor George Ritter C'est Comme Ca (Reprise) Solange Let's Solange and Male Dancers Old World Charm Professor George Ritter The Spider and the Fly (Reprise) Havana