Bye Bye Birdie

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
14/04/1960 2199 Original w 07/10/1961 607

Stage numbers

An English Teacher Rose Grant and Albert Peterson The Telephone Hour Sweet Apple Kids How Lovely to Be a Woman Kim MacAfee We Love You, Conrad! Teen Trio Put on a Happy Face Albert Peterson and Two Sad Girls Normal American Boy Rose Grant, Albert Peterson and Chorus One Boy Kim MacAfee, Deborah Sue, Suzie and Alice One Boy (Reprise) Rose Grant Honestly Sincere Conrad Birdie and Townspeople Hymn for a Sunday Evening Mr. MacAfee, Mrs. MacAfee, Kim MacAfee, Randolph MacAfee and Neighbors Ballet: How to Kill a Man Rose Grant, Albert Peterson and Company One Last Kiss Conrad Birdie and Company What Did I Ever See in Him? Rose Grant and Kim MacAfee A Lot of Livin' to Do Conrad Birdie, Kim MacAfee and Teenager Kids Mr. MacAfee and Mrs. MacAfee Baby, Talk to Me Albert Peterson and Quartet Shriners' Ballet Rose Grant and Shriners Kids (Reprise) Mr. MacAfee, Mrs. MacAfee, Randolph MacAfee and Townspeople Spanish Rose Rose Grant Rosie Albert Peterson and Rose Grant