Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
23/10/1961 2889 Original i 18/11/1961 32

Stage numbers

The Cocoa Bean Song Ako, Singers and the Company Welcome Home Singers, the Company and Spear Dancers The Sun Is Beginning to Crow The Company Did You Hear That? Eve and Kwamina (Peter) You're As English As Eve Seven Sheep, Four Red Shirts, and a Bottle of Gin Akufo, Singers, Dancer and the Company Nothing More to Look Forward To Ako and Naii What's Wrong With Me? Eve Something Big Kwamina (Peter) and the Company Ordinary People Eve and Kwamina (Peter) A Man Can Have No Choice Obitsebi What Happened to Me Tonight? Eve One Wife Mammy Trader, Alla, Singers and Dancers Nothing More to Look Forward To (Reprise) Naii Something Big (Reprise) The Company Another Time, Another Place Eve Fetish Obitsebi and Dancers