Do Re Mi

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
26/12/1960 2282 Original w 13/01/1962 400

Stage numbers

Waiting, Waiting Kay Cram All You Need Is a Quarter The Swingers Take a Job Hubie and Kay Cram It's Legitimate Hubie, Fatso O'Rear, Brains Berman, Skin Demopoulos and the Loaders I Know About Love John Henry Wheeler The Auditions Marsha, Lou and Gretchen Cry Like the Wind Tilda Mullen Ambition Hubie and Tilda Mullen Success The Tilda Mullen Fans, Tilda Mullen, Hubie, Fatso O'Rear, Brains Berman and Skin Demopoulos Fireworks Tilda Mullen and John Henry Wheeler What's New at the Zoo Tilda Mullen and Animal Girls Asking for You John Henry Wheeler The Late, Late Show Hubie Adventure Hubie and Kay Cram Make Someone Happy John Henry Wheeler and Tilda Mullen Don't Be Ashamed of a Teardrop Hubie, Fatso O'Rear, Brains Berman and Skin Demopoulos V.I.P. The Public and Hubie All of My LIfe Hubie Finale Hubie, Kay Cram and Company