Shuffle Along [1921]

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
23/05/1921 9073 Original b 15/07/1922 484

Stage numbers

I'm Simply Full of Jazz Ruth Little and Syncopation Steppers Love Will Find a Way Jessie Williams and Harry Walton Bandana Days Alderman and Company Sing Me to Sleep, Dear Mammy Harry Walton and Board of Aldermen (In) Honeysuckle Time (When Emmaline Said She'd Be Mine) Tom Sharper Gypsy Blues Jessie Williams, Ruth Little and Harry Walton Shuffle Along Jimtown Pedestrians and Traffic Cop (I'm Just) Wild About Harry Jessie Williams and Jimtown Sunflowers Syncopation Stenos Mayor's Staff Good Night Angeline Board of Aldermen If You Haven't Been Vamped by a Brownskin, You Haven't Been Vamped at All Steve Jenkins, Sam Peck and Jimtown Vamps Uncle Tom and Old Black Joe Uncle Tom and Old Black Joe Everything Reminds Me of You Jessie Williams and Harry Walton Oriental Blues Tom Sharper and Oriental Girls I Am Craving for That Kind of Love/ Daddy (Won't You Please Come Home) Ruth Little Baltimore Buzz Tom Sharper and Jimtown's Jazz Steppers African Dip Steve Jenkins and Sam Peck