The Duchess Misbehaves

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
13/02/1946 1772 Original w 16/02/1946 5

Stage numbers

Art Fitzgerald My Only Romance Pablo, Singing Girls and Dancing Girls Broadminded Goya and Showgirls I Hate Myself in the Morning Duchess of Alba and Students Men Queen of Spain and Boyd Triplets Couldn't Be More in Love Pablo and Mariposa Dance of the Matador Her Man Ole' Ole Goya and Ensemble Katie Did in Madrid Duchess of Alba, Singers and Dancing Boys and Girls Morning in Madrid Entire Ensemble Lost The Woman and Her Man Honeymoon is Over Queen of Spain, Mariposa and Dancers Nuts Duchess of Alba Fair Weather Friends Pablo and Mariposa The Nightmare Goya, Queen of Spain, Duchess of Alba, Dancers and Singers Art (Reprise) Entire Company