Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'!

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
29/01/1948 1648 Original w 10/07/1948 188

Stage numbers

Gotta Dance Eddie Winkler and Company I'm the First Girl Lily Malloy and Corps de Ballet I'm Not So Bright Larry I'm Tired of Texas Lily Malloy and Company Tiny Room Larry The Little Boy Blues Snow White and Wotan Jazz Wotan, Lily Malloy and Company The New Look Dusty Lee If You'll be Mine Lily Malloy, Bell Boy, Suzy, Larry, Dusty Lee and Members of the Russo-American Ballet Company Pajama Dance The Company Shauny O'Shay Snow White and Wotan The Two of Us Lily Malloy, Eddie Winkler and Co-workers