Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
21/02/1958 2677 Original w 22/02/1958 3

Stage numbers

Come Along Company No Wedding Bells for Me Nicky Come Along (Reprise) Company Red-Collar Job Guido Here I Come Kitty New Dreams for Old Nicky A Dream for Angela Angela Isn't It Wonderful? Kitty, Nicky and Company Dance of the Whirling Wimpus Angela Under a Spell Nicky and Girls Under a Spell (Reprise) Nicky and Girls That's Love Nicky and Company Too Little Time for Love Tavern Keeper Guido's Tango Guido and Kitty It Might Be Love Nicky Here I Come (Reprise) Kitty Bacchanale Company Morning Prayer Company Kitty Car Ballet Kitty and Boys The Grand Prix of Portofino Company Portofino Nicky I'm in League with the Devil Kitty Why Not for Marriage Nicky Portofino (Reprise) Company