The Boy and the Girl

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
31/05/1909 6660 Original w 19/06/1909 18

Stage numbers

I'm Only Waiting My Chance Jasper Plum and Chorus Allen's Alcazars Adolph Allen and Chorus My Dearie Dear (lyrics by M. E. Rourke) Avita and Male Chorus A Simple Girl Katie and Chorus I'm in a Position to Know Gladys De Vine A Poor Working Girl Gladys De Vine Kate, Come and Kiss Me (lyrics by Richard Carle and M. E. Rourke) Katie, Dick Percival and Chorus Why Are All the Girls So Hungry? Dick Percival and Chorus In Yucatan (music by Richard Carle) Avita and Chorus In Ireland Professor Zero Y'la Gladys De Vine Naughty Cupid Dick Percival and Katie Seductive Caroline (music by Richard Carle) Gladys De Vine and Chorus