Funny Face

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
22/11/1927 10498 Original w 23/06/1928 244

Stage numbers

Birthday Party Dora, June and Guests Once Dugsie Gibbs, Dora and Ensemble Funny Face Frankie and Jimmy Reeve High Hat Jimmy Reeve and Boys 'S Wonderful Frankie and Peter Thurston Let's Kiss and Make Up Frankie, Jimmy Reeve and Ensemble Come Along, Let's Gamble Entire Company In the Swim Girls He Loves and She Loves Frankie and Peter Thurston Tell the Doc Dugsie Gibbs and Girls What Am I Going to Do? (Funny Face) Jimmy Reeve, June, Dora and Girls Sing a Little Song Pianists, Ritz Quartette, and Boys What Am I Going to Do? (Funny Face) (Reprise) Dora, June and Chorus The Babbitt and the Bromide Frankie and Jimmy Reeve