Red, Hot and Blue

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
29/10/1936 12157 Original w 10/04/1937 183

Stage numbers

At Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe in Cheyenne Reporters and Prison Band It's a Great Life/ Perennial Debutantes Guests and Debutantes Ours Anne Westcott, Sonny Hadley, Grace, \"Fingers\" and Girls Down in the Depths on the 90th Floor \"Nails\" O'Reilly Duquesne Carry On Sonny Hadley, Reporters and Muggs You've Got Something Bob Hale and \"Nails\" O'Reilly Duquesne It's De-Lovely \"Nails\" O'Reilly Duquesne and Bob Hale A Little Skipper from Heaven Above \"Policy\" Pinkle, Muggs and Reporters Five Hundred Million Vivian, Betty and Debutantes Ridin' High \"Nails\" O'Reilly Duquesne and Ensemble We're About to Start Big Rehearsin' Debutantes Hymn to Hymen Guests What a Great Pair We'll Be Anne Westcott, Sonny Hadley, \"Fingers\", Grace and Ensemble You're a Bad Influence on Me \"Nails\" O'Reilly Duquesne Red, Hot and Blue \"Nails\" O'Reilly Duquesne and Ensemble