Billion Dollar Baby

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
21/12/1945 1754 Original w 29/06/1946 220

Stage numbers

Million Dollar Smile (Billion Dollar Baby) The Radio Who's Gonna Be the Winner Maribelle Jones, Miss Texas, Singers and Bathing Beauties Dreams Come True Maribelle Jones, Rocky (who dances), Playboy and Good Time Charlie Charleston Ensemble Broadway Blossom Georgia Motley Speaking of Pals Dapper Welch, Jerry Bonanza, Waiter, Violin Player, Rocky Barton and Ensemble There I'd Be Georgia Motley and M.M. Montague One Track Mind Esme and Champ Watson Bad Timing Rocky Barton and Maribelle Jones The Marathoners Dance Ensemble A Lovely Girl Georgia Motley, Maribelle Jones and Jollities Beauties Funeral Procession The Mob Havin' a Time Georgia Motley The Marathon Dance Champ Watson Faithless M.M. Montague and Maribelle Jones I'm Sure of Your Love Rocky Barton A Life With Rocky Maribelle Jones The Wedding Entire Company