The Golden Apple

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
20/04/1954 2451 Original w 07/08/1954 125

Stage numbers

Nothin Ever Happens in Angel's Roost Helen, Lovey Mars, Mrs. Juniper and Miss Minerva Oliver My Love Is On the Way Penelope The Heroes Come Home The Company It Was a Glad Adventure Ulysses and the Heroes Come Along Boys The Heroes and Ensemble It's the Going Home Together Ulysses and Penelope Helen Is Always Willing The Heroes Introducin' Mr. Paris Paris and Ensemble Lazy Afternoon Helen and Paris My Picture in the Papers Helen, Paris and Male Ensemble When We Were Young Penelope Store-bought Suit Ulysses By Goona-Goona Lagoon Lovey Mars Doomed, Doomed, Doomed Miss Minerva Oliver Circe, Circe Circe, Mother Hare and the Ensemble We've Just Begun Ulysses and Penelope