High Spirits

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
07/04/1964 3061 Original w 27/02/1965 375

Stage numbers

Was She Prettier Than I? Ruth Condomine The Bicycle Song Madame Arcati and Ensemble You'd Better Love Me Elvira Where Is the Man I Married? Charles Condomine and Ruth Condomine The Sandwich Man Bob and Beth Go Into Your Trance Madame Arcati and Ensemble Where Is the Man I Married? (Reprise) Ruth Condomine Forever and a Day Charles Condomine and Elvira Something Tells Me Elvira and Ensemble I Know Your Heart Charles Condomine and Elvira Faster Than Sound Elvira and Ensemble If I Gave You Charles Condomine and Ruth Condomine Talking to You Madame Arcati Home Sweet Heaven Elvira Something Is Coming to Tea Madame Arcati and Ensemble The Exorcism Madame Arcati and Ensemble What In the World Did You Want? Charles Condomine, Elvira and Ruth Condomine Faster Than Sound (Reprise) Entire Company