Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
28/03/1967 3073 Original w 27/05/1967 72

Stage numbers

In the Very Next Moment Maggie Cutler, Daisy Stanley, John, Sarah and Ensemble Why Does the Whole Damn World Adore Me? Sheridan Whiteside Maggie's Date Maggie Cutler, Bert Jefferson and Ensemble Maybe It's Time for Me Maggie Cutler How Can You Kiss Those Good Times Goodbye Sheridan Whiteside and Maggie Cutler With This Ring Maggie Cutler, Bert Jefferson and Sheridan Whiteside Sherry Lorraine Sheldon and Sheridan Whiteside Au Revoir Beverly Carlton Proposal Duet Lorraine Sheldon and Beverly Carlton Listen Cosette Lorraine Sheldon and Cosette Christmas Eve Broadcast Sheridan Whiteside, Lorraine Sheldon and Ensemble Putty in Your Hands Lorraine Sheldon and Ensemble Imagine That Maggie Cutler and Sheridan Whiteside Marry the Girl Myself Sheridan Whiteside, Maggie Cutler, Banjo, Ginger and Ensemble Putty in Your Hands (Reprise) Lorraine Sheldon, Sheridan Whiteside and Banjo Harriet Sedley Sheridan Whiteside, Banjo and Ernest W. Stanley Sherry (Reprise) Company