The Rose Girl

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
11/02/1921 9033 Original w 07/05/1921 99

Stage numbers

The Protegés Mme. Donay and Four Proteges Beauty's Candy Shop Count Henri de Guise, Adelle La Flamme, Jeanne Du Verne and Visitors When Our Sundays Are Blue Fleurette and Filipe Telicot There Comes a Some Day Mignon Latour and Victor Marquis de la Roche Flirtation Quartette Nadine Bankoff, Mme. Donay, Count Henri de Guise and Filipe Telicot Wondrous Midnight Eyes (lyrics by Kay Reese) A Gypsy Dancer and Ensemble The Spanish Senorita Filipe Telicot That's Me Mignon Latour, Fleurette, Nadine Bankoff and Ensemble The Ballet des Perfumes Ballerina and Corps de Ballet Quarrel Number Fleurette and Filipe Telicot When That Somebody Comes Fleurette and Girls The Hour With You Victor Marquis de la Roche The One Girl Boy May and September Mignon Latour and Count Henri de Guise My (Old) New Jersey Home (music by Nat Vincent; lyrics by Ballard MacDonald) Fleurette and Filipe Telicot The Rose Girl Blues Fleurette and Filipe Telicot Lingerie Nadine Bankoff and Girls Rose Girl Waltz Mignon Latour and Victor Marquis de la Roche