Biff! Bing! Bang!

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
09/05/1921 9069 Original w 09/07/1921 73

Stage numbers

Goodbye Khaki! All the Girls Are Lovely By the Sea A Little Nonsense Dreams of Delight I Know Where the Flies Go (on a Cold and Frosty Morning) (music by Sam Mayo; lyrics by Sam Mayo and John Harrington) Take a Look at Me Now What of the Night (Watchman) D. S. O. A Little Bit of Scotch Oh, Oh, Oh, It's a Lovely War (music by J. P. Long and M. Scott; lyrics by J. P. Long and M. Scott) Some Day I'll Make You Love Me Just a Policeman (Way) Down Texas Way (music by Fred Godfrey, A. J. Mills and Bennett Scott; lyrics by Fred Godfrey,