The Dream Girl

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
20/08/1924 9551 Original w 29/11/1924 117

Stage numbers

Making a Venus Bobby Thompkins, Malena, Models and Boys All Year Round (music by Sigmund Romberg) Jack Warren and Chorus Dancing Round Elspeth and Chorus (My) Dream Girl (I Loved You Long Ago) Jack Warren Old Songs Maidens and Quartette Maiden, Let Me In Will Levison and Boys Gypsy Life Malena and Chorus Stop, Look and Listen Elspeth, Jimmie Van Dyke and Bobby Thompkins (The) Broad Highway Jack Warren and Chorus My Hero Elspeth and Jack Warren I Want to Go Home (music by Sigmund Romberg; lyrics by Harold Atteridge) Elspeth Bubbles Dolly Follis and Chorus Make Love in the Morning Jimmie Van Dyke and Specialty Dancers Saxophone Man Bobby Thompkins, Dolly Follis and Chorus Dream Girl Elspeth, Jack Warren and Entire Company