Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
22/01/1969 3451 Original w 26/04/1969 109

Stage numbers

Celebration Potemkin and Revelers Orphan in the Storm Orphan and Revelers Survive Potemkin and Revelers Somebody Angel and Hittites Bored Rich My Garden Orphan and Revelers Where Did It Go Rich and Sycophants Love Song Angel, Potemkin, Rich, Orphan and Revelers To the Garden Everyone I'm Glad To See You've Got What You Want Angel and Orphan It's You Who Makes Me Young Rich and Revelers Not My Problem Potemkin and Machines Fifty Million Years Ago Orphan The Beautician Ballet Rich and Revelers Saturnalia Potemkin and Revelers Under the Tree Angel and Animals Winter and Summer Everyone Celebration Finale Everyone