The Duke of Duluth

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
11/09/1905 6122 Original w 06/01/1906 48

Stage numbers

The Land of Wot Kiakka IV and Chorus There's One Sweetheart I'll Never Forget Dennis O'Hara While in My Submarine Darling Doolittle and Chorus My Dainty Dresden Shepherdess Jhansi and Dresden Girls Zenedee Ameera and Male Chorus The Sweetest Part of Loving is to Dream Princess Flirtino and Darling Doolittle Nicodemus Jhansi and Chorus If My Man Could Do It for Me Darling Doolittle and Chorus Strenuous Darling Doolittle and Entire Company My Sweet Wild Rose Ameera and Chorus No Peach Hangs Too High for Him Then Kiakka IV Through All Eternity Ameera and Dennis O'Hara Rosita Darling Doolittle and Dancing Girls (Give Me) Death or Victory Dennis O'Hara and Chorus G.O.P. (from FANTANA)(music by Gertrude Hoffman; lyrics by Vincent Bryan) Darling Doolittle