Not Yet, But Soon

Production Opening Ibdb Status Race Closing Count
04/03/1907 414517 Original w 09/03/1907 8

Stage numbers

Nurse Girls and Doctors Upan Down and Company I'm Wise Mary Wise I'm the Leading Lady Lady Bug and Company Way Down on the Farm Keeper Sane My Irish Girl (My Irish Gal) Miss Cute, Lady Bug and Company Wonderland (music by Thomas Allen; lyrics by Thomas Allen) Bill Nerve and Mary Wise Things That Happen Every Day Bill Nerve, Keeper Sane, Miss Cute and May Nerve San Antonio Canne Catchem and Company Some Day When Dreams Come True (music by Phil Staats; lyrics by Phil Staats) Canne Catchem and Company O, Come My Lou May Nerve, Charley Overweight, Hez E. Wheels, Boys and Girls Mary Wise Mary Wise, Boys and Girls The Wedding of the Blue and Grey Miss Cute, Lady Bug and Company